OFF AND … RUNNING? U.S. Sen. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.), left, takes a question at yesterday’s Forbes 30 Under 30 Summit in Boston about a photo of him, seen in rear, taken outside the Kavanaugh hearings on Capitol Hill. At right is Forbes Magazine editor Randall Lane.

U.S. Sen. Jeff Flake will be in need of a job in a few months once he leaves Washington, D.C., and the best way to ensure a big payday is to vote down Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court nomination.

Let’s face it — the Arizona lawmaker has already been played by Democrats when he called on the FBI to investigate a sexual assault claim from 35 years ago, when all witnesses the alleged victim has named said it didn’t happen.

On Sunday, Flake said he could not have made that decision if he’d been running for re-election.

“There’s no value to reaching across the aisle,” Flake said. “There’s no currency for that anymore. There’s no incentive.”

Caving to Democrats’ pressure to open an FBI investigation and delaying the confirmation by a week didn’t satisfy them one bit. Just yesterday, hundreds of protesters met Flake on City Hall Plaza demanding that he vote no when the Senate decides Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s future in a week. Flake was speaking yesterday at the Forbes 30 Under 30 Summit in Boston, with plans to test the 2020 presidential waters last night in New Hampshire.

Memo to Flake: The Democrats aren’t going to love you in 2020 no matter what you do. Neither will any Republicans, the way you’re going. Don’t waste your time in New Hampshire.

Since this whole process has become so incredibly political, Flake might as well become the ultimate pawn for liberals and lock up his new gig on CNN or MSNBC. They would be delighted to have him, as a Trump-bashing Republican who votes against Republicans — exactly the kind of Republican the Left likes. But not running for president. Remember all the love they showed John McCain? That was only after they trashed him and Barack Obama beat him in 2008.

The same Democrats that tried to destroy McCain’s good name and impeccable service to this country did a 180 when he was willing to stand up to President Trump, voting against his health care bill, criticizing him at every step, and ultimately disinviting the president to his own funeral. McCain was lavished with Ted Kennedy-style news coverage when he passed away.

Flake’s most impactful moment in Congress will be his vote on Kavanaugh.

In this cynical world of politics you can’t help but assume Flake will cave to Democrats and ride that wave all the way to the bank.