LAWRENCE, MA – OCTOBER 18, 2018: Dominga Ozoria sits beside one of the three heaters she uses to keep warm in her home on Thursday, October 18, 2018 in Lawrence, Massachusetts. (Staff photo by Nicolaus Czarnecki)

Dominga Ozorio lives in an apartment on Market Street in Lawrence where she and her four children have been without gas for heating and cooking for weeks. Speaking in Spanish, Ozorio told the Herald’s Alexi Cohan yesterday that the arrival of cold weather is making life harder, and she has called Columbia Gas repeatedly to be placed in temporary heated housing:

“The cold has been strong. On Monday, it was cold and today it’s going to be pretty cold, too, so like I already told you, I have this problem with the electricity, I can’t connect the space heaters around the whole house. The house gets really, really cold. And for me, I haven’t received any help because the truth is, in Lawrence, they’ve done a lot to help but I haven’t gotten much help. I don’t really feel grateful, if you want to use that word, with Columbia Gas because I’ve called and I’ve communicated and I’ve left messages telling them that I have kids with asthma. 

I called on Monday feeling very worried about what was going to happen with us. I wasn’t really seeing a solution and they told me to go to a hotel, but where? Where? The hotel is far. The hotels are far away and they’re full and they’re far away from work and my kids’ school. So in my case, I don’t see that they are worried about me. 

She said the cold has also been tough for her children. 

“It’s been uncomfortable for them because they aren’t used to something like this. … I’m not even expecting a call from Columbia. What I would actually want to know is what are they going to do? We are really cold, we’re uncomfortable. And I don’t even know when they are going to connect the gas again. They said it’s possible they will reconnect it on the 24th but I don’t believe it. No one is sure of that.

In reality, one has to realize that these things can happen and it’s a rather uncomfortable situation. I just hope to God that things get resolved and we can get back to normalcy. But we will be a little afraid, because even when they connect the gas, I’ll be scared that the same thing could happen again. We don’t know what is going to happen.”