NOVEMBER 21, 2018 – BOSTON, MA: More This photo was sent in to us with the caption “Send Help”. We’re going to bring back our popular #MBTA Etiquette series. But first we want to take a poll from you our MBTA community. 1of 2. Courtesy of MBTA police Twitter

The MBTA Transit Police sense something in the area of basic manners is afoot among riders.

The agency this week tweeted a user-submitted photo of a T rider who had kicked off their shoes and taken up a second seat with a backpack, asking people to better follow basic etiquette.

The transit police, whose Twitter account varies from announcements about criminal incidents to weekly “Saturday humor” puns, then posted a poll asking which was worse: the bare feet, the bag on the seat, both or neither. A majority of the 439 voters chose “both R offensive,” with an additional quarter saying the feet were a problem. Only 7 percent in the unscientific poll said the rider had done nothing wrong.

Apparently the internet audience wants to bring the barefoot riders to heel, as other people tweeted additional pictures of unshod T riders.

T spokeswoman Lisa Battiston said the T doesn’t have an “official” policy on covered feet, but the agency does ask straphangers to observe the basics of public decorum.

“While the MBTA encourages customers to dress comfortably in their clothing or footwear choices, customers are also encouraged to exercise common sense, be mindful of the passengers around them, and note the potential of any safety hazards,” Battiston told the Herald.